Dr. Agni Wilczynska

Dr. Agni Wilczynska

Psychology Professor
Author of 3 Books and more than 120 articles
Integrative Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Adults & Children

Dr. Agni is a highly experienced and only the Integrative Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Dubai, with more than 20 years of experience, who’s helping people across all the ages, individuals & groups, in a range of settings (NHS inpatient, outpatient and community care).

Dr. Agni is highly experienced in the assessments and treatments of wide range of issues in children, young people and adults who are struggling with numerous types of emotional distress, including depression, anxiety disorders, stress, personal and professional development, conflict resolution, career development, perfectionism, relationships, burnout syndrome, bereavement and loss, abuse, bullying,harassment, OCD,

panic attack, night eating syndrome, trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), identity and low self- esteem, behavioral difficulties, psychosomatic disorders, anger management, childhood issues, childhood abuse including sexual abuse, ADD / ADHD, health issues, insomnia, fatigue, pain management, chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, behavioral (gambling, internet , binge watching, plastic surgery and others), psychosexual / sexual problems, fertility/termination, sexuality, postnatal depression, family issues, autism, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorders, somatic disorders, mood disorder, personality disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, dementia.

Dr. Agni can also offer long-term therapy to those who are keen to explore and understand themselves better.

Her clinical programs focus on safe and effective treatment, patient empowerment, and whole person healing, develop a healing plan specific to patient’s needs. She focuses in well-being, mental health maintenance, and early intervention and in self-care techniques to empower patients to take control of them own mental health and support whole-person healing and well-being.

Dr. Agni consultation as a clinical Psychologist & integrative Psychotherapist will result in a treatment plan. She is collaborating closely with the professionals from other departments and utilizing in her practice a wide range of therapies that is specific and unique to each individual and may include but not limited to any combination of the following:

Conventional Psychotherapies such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Coherent Therapy, Insight-Oriented Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Natural Brain&Body Detoxification, Supplements &Herbal Remedies, Decoctions Herbal Tea, IV Mood Support Nutrition’s( Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins, Amino-Acids), Ozone Therapies(Natural Antidepressant & Rejuvenation), Chelation (Heavy Metals Detox), Mitochondrial Dysfunctions in Mental Illness, Food Intolerances in Mood Effects, Ayurveda Distress & Therapeutical Massages , Cryo Chamber up to -180 C (Boost Happy Endorphin Hormones and Metabolism), Colon Hydrotherapy and Organic Coffee Enema Detoxification,Yoga(Meditation,Mindfulness,Relaxation),Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Capping Dry / Blood,Herbs,Tuna Treatment etc),Chiropractor /Distress Adjustment, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitations, Brain Mapping QEEG, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Bioresonance Diagnostic & Therapy etc.

Dr. Agni Special Interest:

Natural healing approach, preventing, identifying and treating underlying causes of disease rather than the symptoms. Personalized & Unique Solutions Discussion of the range of available therapies that align with patients values in collaboration with the colleagues Doctors to tailored individual an integrated evidence -based treatment plan.

Values-based therapies exploring what each patient finds uniquely challenging, healing, and meaningful, Biological and genetic testing with a comprehensive review of interactions between medications, supplements, herbal remedies, and foods .

Expressive therapies affecting mind-body wellness, relaxation, and involving the five basic senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) .Practical consideration of how healing modalities match each person’s lifestyle, culture, and personal goals.

Dr. Agni draws on a wealth of experiencing and works proactively with clients to help them understand and positively change patterns of thinking and behavior which hold them back in life. She enables clients to discover a greater range of choice and possibility in their lives. She empowers her clients with the tools, which can enable them to enjoy happier, healthier relationships, greater self-confidence and the ability to achieve goals that have previously felt out of reach.

She can offer therapy in English, Polish and partially in Russian.

Dr. Agni is a Professor of Psychology at WSB University as well. She has written three books and more than 120 articles. Her work revolves mainly on the topic of the psychology of emotional exclusion, the sense of social rejection and loneliness in our societies today as well as the development of a sense of belonging. She is Author of new book ‘Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Psychology of Exclusion: From rejection to personal and social harmony.’ This new volume considers one of the most pressing topics of a generation: the sense of social exclusion, rejection and loneliness experienced by many adolescents and adults. It offers insights from psychological and biochemical research - explaining the role of the brain, mind and body in the development of a sense of belonging over a lifespan.

Dr. Agni’s selected publications:

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