Positive Psychology

A significant part of the body’s self-healing process involves the psychological input a person receives. This is where positive psychology comes in, which is a scientific approach to studying one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with a focus on happiness, gratitude, compassionate resilience, and overall wellbeing. Ultimately, everyone strives to be happy.

Positive emotions boost motivation and job performance.

In a society where work has become a major part of people’s lives, feelings of self-worth, gratitude, and joy can contribute towards a greater incentive to make a difference in the workplace.

Gratitude contributes towards greater happiness in life.

Rather than focusing on what one is lacking, feelings of gratitude for what one has can significantly reduce stress. A lower amount of stress is associated with better overall health and motivation.

Having a good social support can accelerate healing.

Having a supportive social circle has been reported to lower rates of cognitive decline, better management of severe medical conditions, and increased longevity.

Feelings of positivity lead to better physiological health

Current literature has shown that positive emotions contribute towards a lower risk of developing illnesses and increasing longevity.